Get all your power washing chemicals, washing products, and pressure washers from Powerwash Solutions.

Powerwash Solutions strongest motto is that there is no substitution for quality. This is the basis for all the recommendations that we provide

ps Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

What type of cleaning solution do you need: Aluminum cleaners or Brighteners, Industrial Detergents, Heavy Duty Degreaser? All of these industrial product lines are available in different verities and formulations to provide you with what you need for your toughest cleaning jobs.

ps General Cleaning Products

Do you have items needing cleaned that are sensitive like a Truck that has a lot of polished Aluminum or highly detailed, or an Automotive Fleet which needs mild detergents and finish sealants or waxes. We will carefully direct you to formulated products which will be safe for these applications and many others.

ps Car Wash Cleaners/Waxes

As a multifaceted company we have available all the products needed for Automatic and hand held car wash systems.

ps Hot Water and Cold Water Pressure Washers

As a dealer for 3 different Industrial pressure washers manufactures we’ll do the research you don’t have time to do. Let us help you get it right the first time with our decades of experience.

ps If You Cannot Be Without Your Pressure Washer

We have the solution, Pressure washers built for endurance. We hold the values that most industries have cast aside Quality & Endurance. We will specially make sure that the pressure washer you purchase will be built the old school way.

ps Custom Built Systems

Custom built washers for your specific needs. Weather it is low gpm, 2 step control systems, or multi gun control or remote low voltage controls we can build the unit to suit your needs.

Softeners, Iron Filters, Industrial R.O. Systems, and Reclaim systems.

They are all available and able to be matched to your specific needs.

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