How did Powerwash Solutions of Western PA LLC come into existence?

In 1987 Terry Curtis was employed by a local contracting firm as a laborer for on site truck washing. Eight years later he became the same company’s head service technician for pressure washers. After many years of experience and promotions, in 2001Terry was appointed as branch manager for sales of pressure washers, cleaners, and service support in western Pennsylvania when the owner of this firm moved and opened another office out of state. Finial in February of 2009 at the beginning of the hardest economic times of the recent generation, he opened Powerwash Solutions of Western PA under a none competitive agreement with his original firm. This allowed him to establish accounts with many manufactures whose building standards meet his stringent standards for high durability which he developed over the years. With in the first year of business he doubled the expected sales goal. The second year in business showed another doubling of sales. And the third year in operation provide to be no different. This growth was achieved only by word of mouth and the high reputation for quality and reliability that Terry built during the years of his experience in the pressure washing industry. In July of 2012 Powerwash Solutions purchased the business operations of the firm that originally employed Terry.

Powerwash Solutions of Western PA continues to maintain the high standard of durability of all the equipment which is custom built and specialty orders. Terry is determined to maintain this high standard in all of his company’s work, whether it would be in pressure washers, repair/maintenance service, or chemical cleaners.

Powerwash Solutions strongest motto is that there is no substitution for quality. It is the basis for all of the recommendations that we provide. With this web site we hope to provide you with the opportunity to locate and obtain the equipment and cleaners which will serve your needs for years to come.

In short if you value quality and durability Powerwash Solutions of Western PA is the Company that you need to be speaking with.

We look forward to adding you to our list of highly satisfied customers.

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