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Natural Gas Hot Pressure Washer Electric Powered by Pressure Pro

Part GPM PSI HP Volts/Phase/Amps Pump
4230SGF-20G1 4.020006.0230V/1PH/26A GP
4230SGF-20G3 4.020005.0230V/3PH/16A GP
4460SGF-20G3 4.020005.0460V/3PH/8A GP
4230SGF-30G1 4.030007.5230V/1PH/36A GP
4230SGF-30G3 4.030007.5230V/3PH/25A GP
4460SGF-30G3 4.030007.5460V/3PH/15A GP
5230SGF-15G1 5.015006.0230V/1PH/26A HP
5230SGF-15G3 5.015005.0230V/3PH/16A HP
5460SGF-15G3 5.015005.0460V/3PH/8A HP
5230SGF-20G1 5.020007.5230V/1PH/36A HP
5230SGF-20G3 5.020007.5230V/3PH/25A HP
5460SGF-20G3 5.020007.5460V/3PH/15A HP
5230SGF-30G1 5.0300010.0230V/1PH/42A HP
5230SGF-30G3 5.0300010.0230V/3PH/34A HP
5460SGF-30G3 5.0300010.0460V/3PH/18A HP
8230SGF-30G3 8.0300015.0230V/3PH/39A GP
8460SGF-30G3 8.0300015.0460V/3PH/20A GP
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A Natural Gas Pressure washers or Propane Hot Water Pressure Washers up to 3000 psi by Pressure Pro

Customers must specify either NG (natural gas) or LP (liquid propane) when ordering

  • Rugged powder coated steel frame,enclosed pump/motor compartment & electrical compartment w/hinged lid
  • Frame Dimensions: 46"L x 27"W x 50"H.  All models except 8.0 GPM
  • 8.0 GPM Frame Dimensions: 48" L x 31" W x 53" H
  • Super efficient schedule 80 coil w/stainless steel coil wrap
  • LP/NG electronic ignition & 24VAC controls
  • Commercial/Industrial grade motors
  • Low speed V-belt driven pump
  • Adjustable thermostat, safety pressure relief valve, hour meter, soap solenoid w/ panel mount switch & auto start w/ adjustable time delay shutdown

Standard Accessories

Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Pressure Washers or Propane Fired Pressure Washers by Pressure Pro come with

  • Gun/ wand assembly with insulated grip and quick connects
  • 50′ high pressure hose w/quick connects
  • Adjustable high pressure chemical metering system
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles

Available Options

The options available for the NG or LP Hot Water Pressure Washers provided by Pressure Pro

  • 146110 10″ Draft Diverter- Fits All SGF Models Except 8 GPM
  • 146112 12″ Draft Diverter- Fits 8 GPM SGF Models Only
  • 153231A Individual Remote Station Including Start/Stop/Burner/Soap Functions w/Indicator Lights
  • 14/4/SJ Cable, Remote Stations Priced per Foot
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Upgrade
  • AR & CAT Pumps Available
  • Oil Fired Models built in this design is also available

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