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NON Hydrofluoric Aluminum Brightener, Formula 1C2PW


1C2PW  NON-Hydrofluoric Aluminum Brightener For operators becoming increasingly concerned with issues regarding worker safety, equipment corrosion, and discharge issues.  1C2PW is a revolutionary citric acid based aluminum cleaner and brightener with a blend of acids, surfactants, and solvents that cleans and brightens aluminum.  1C2PW eliminates toxic concerns associated with hydrofluoric acid, enhancing your employees' safety and your company's future.  1C2PW replaces your existing hydrofluoric acid brightener at a competitive price.  It is also excellent as the first step in Two Step wash systems. Formula 1C2PW is a fast-acting, heavy duty, non-traditional aluminum brightener which quickly removes oxide film, road film, and diesel smoke from aluminum trailer bodies without the use of Hydrofluoric Acid.  It removes road salt, mineral deposits, and diesel smoke by using a heavy duty NON-HYDROFLUORIC formula to brighten aluminum leaving it with a satin white finish. It can be apply with acid injector at 25:1, and it is recommended to neutralize with a mild alkaline detergent in a 2 step process but can be used independently.  It may also be applied through a chemical resistant low pressure sprayer systems.  Do not use on polished aluminum or allow to dry on surface! Avoid direct application to glass surfaces, incidental contact to glass needs to be quickly rinsed. This is an Industrial cleaning product.

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