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Heavy Duty Detergent – Power Kleen 9115 by KO Mfg.


Detergents specifically designed for cleaning trucks, cars, fleets and equipment

KO's Power Kleen  is formulated for washing passenger cars & trucks in an Automatic and Self-Serve car/truck wash systems, fleets and equipment. Also for hand washing.  Power Kleen™ is a  heavily built detergent powder ideal for the presoak application.   It's high pH cuts road film and grease easily, yet rinses quickly.  It can also be used for a general purpose cleaner.


  • Excellent penetrating power
  • Higher Alkalinity for removal of heavy soils and grime
  • Very stable in hard water


Physical Form:  Powder

Recommended Dilution:  800:1 up to 1600:1

pH (1% dilution)  11.0 - 12.0

Available Sizes:

  • 40 lb   Box
  • 400 lb Fiber Drum

Product Data Sheet9115

Standard Accessories

Available Options

  • Automatic Carwashes
  • Self-Serve Carwashes
  • Tunnel Carwashes
  • Truck Washing
  • Fleet and Equipment Washing
  • Hand Washing
  • General Cleaner


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