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Powder Detergent for Water Base Parts Washer By KO Mfg


PRE-CLEAN PLUS (TM) FORMULA 229 Is a Low Foaming Parts Cleaner. It is a heavy-duty, high alkaline cleaner for use in industrial hot soak tanks or spray cabinet washers.  It routes out and removes heavy greases and carbons.  Pre-Clean Plus(TM) is a powerful formula, with a long lasting solution, and a greater efficiency over long periods of time. Pre-Clean Plus(TM) has a rust inhibitor added to the formula to help prevent spray cabinets and parts from rusting.   100% Biodegradable.  
> Most Versatile Parts cleaning powder > Heavy Duty enough for most cleaning applications > Dissolves quickly into solution
Physical Form: Powder                                                                       pH (1% dilution): 11.0 - 12.0 DOT Class: None                                                                               Color: Orange Recommended Dilution: 1/4 - 1 Lb : 2 gallon water                           Fragrance: Citrus Availble In: 40 lbs. Box                  30 per pallet         Ships UPS with no Hazzard Fees 400 lbs. Fiber Drum    4 per pallet            Ships Freight only      

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