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Part GPM PSI HP Volts/Phase/Amps Pump
Stinger B12.016002.3115/1/20Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger B33.020004.0230/1/20Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger B44.020005.0230/1/25Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger I2.210001.5115/1/18Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger I3.06501.5115/1/18Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger I+3.010002.3120/1/22Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger II4.010004.0230/1/20Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger II+3.010004.0230/1/22Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger III5.015004.0230/1/26Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger III+4.020006.0230/1/27Belt Driven Triplex
Stinger IV4.030008.0230/1/36Belt Driven Triplex


The Stinger Series from Whitco Cleaning Systems Has been Discontinued. All Parts and Support for the Series will continue.  Please contact us if needed.  For new units please reference the Challanger Series by Farley's.


Turn Up The Heat on Your Toughest Jobs with the Maximum Cleaning Power from the Whitco Cleaning Systems' Stinger Pressure Washers.

The Stinger Pressure Washers by Whitco pack enough hot high pressure to tackle big-time jobs in a portable and affordable compact machine.
Its manageable size makes the Stinger a perfect fit for a wide range of industrial pressure washing applications.
When you need the power to clean, the Stinger will do the job.

All hot water Stinger pressure washers have:
    • STAINLESS STEEL FLOAT TANKS - Provide consistant float alignment and prevents rust.
    • HIGH PRESSURE HOSE AND STANDARD TRIGGER GUN WAND for operator safety and convenience.
    • HIGH TEMPERATURE LIMIT SWITCH to provide you and your operator safety protection when the burner is running.
    • AUTOMATIC BURNER SHUTDOWN AND IGNITION BASED ON TRGGER GUN OPERATION to prevent damage and overheating of unit's coil.
    • EXTRA HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME with STAINLESS STEEL FRAMING AS AN ADD ON OPTION.  This S.S. option is recommended when unit is in a wash bay.
    • PNEUMATIC TIRES make this unit's portablity easy and convenient even when being rolled over a gravel surface.
    • PANEL MOUNT HIGH PRESSURE CHEMICAL INJECTION CONTROL provides impact force for your detergents to penetrate deep into the dirt or grease layers.
Currently there is no online store available, therefore use the PRICE REQUEST button above to begin processing your order for powerful, durable, safe, and compact Whitco Stinger pressure washer.
Feel free to review the attached PDF Specifications and the special price listing offered by Powerwash Solutions of Western PA LLC. Direct link to factory website: Whitco Cleaning Systems.  Note: This link will open a separate window so you can easily return to place your order. We Look Forward to Your Order.

Standard Accessories


  • Oil fired automatic ingnition burner
  • Adjustable soap control
  • Kerosene, No 1 or No 2 Diesel  (Kerosene recommended)
  • 1/2″ Sch 80 pipe heating coils on units over 2000 psi only
  • Standard pressure relief valve installed
  • Trigger gun control
  • 3/8″ 50′ high pressure hose
  • 8 gallon fuel tank with gauge
  • Stainless steel float tank with cover
  • Weight 575 lbs to 665 lbs
  • Plunger pump with oil bath crankcase
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Belt driven pumping system

Available Options


  • 3 phase special builds are available
  • Thermostsat control
  • Partial/Fully dressed stainless steel
  • Four wheel kit
  • Steam combination
  • Hour meter
  • 1/2″ Sch 80 pipe heating coils (Included on the Stinger IV)
  • Down stream chemical injection systems
  • Time delay total shut down pump saver controls
  • Remote switch station
    • Time delay shut down controls required
    • Uses 24 volts over a light gauge wire to control off/on, Burner, and Soap controls

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