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Wheel Kleen 9340 by KO Mfg.


 A specialty Cleaner for cleaning all styles of tires, and rims KO Wheel Kleen™   is a high foaming liquid concentrate popular tire and wheel cleaner.  It is formulated for cleaning grease, heavy soil loads, brake dust, grime, and carbon effortlessly from wheels and tires without using caustics, acids or petroleum solvents.  The unique blend of complex phosphates, alkaline builders, and non-ionic surfactants provide the optimal level of alkalinity and wetting properties for maximum penetration of Heavy soils. The formula is safe on polished chrome, aluminum wheels and tires and is 100% Biodegradable.   Quick Glance of Benefits > Rapid removal of soils and grime > Also Designed for whitewall tire cleaning > High Foaming for longer product dwell time   9340 Spec Sheet

Standard Accessories

Available Options

Commonly Use for:

  • Truck washing
  • Automatic Truck washes
  • Self Serve Car Washes
  • Automatic Car Washes
  • Bus Washing
  • General Tire and Wheel Cleaning

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