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Aluminum Safe Detergent – Laser 9146 by KO Manufacturing


KO LASER ™ presoak is designed to quickly loosen tough road film, soil and grime from tractor trailer trucks. Ideal for washing fleets with polished aluminum. Works exceptionally well on tankers, back doors, bugs and windshields Automatic and Hand Bay Systems: Set metering equipment to deliver solution at 64 to 80:1 depending on time of year for presoaking and 120:1 to 180:1 for exterior washing.  Suggested dilutions only. Use as a starting point. Dilutions may vary depending on time of year. Adjust accordingly for best results. CUSTOMER BENEFITS: Easy to use. Biodegradable. Rapid removal of soils and grime. Quick rinsing. Safe on all vehicle surfaces. Stable in hard water.   9146 Spec. Sheet  

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