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Degreaser, Formula 3504PW


3504PW is a High Ph. Premium Cleaner and Degreaser. Its economical formula solubilizes grease on contact and neutralizes the grease’s ability to re-adhere to the surface. Its ability to be custom diluted for a large variety of cleaning jobs make it invaluable as a washing aid. It can be used on a multitude of surfaces from concrete floors and walls, heavy equipment, under carriages, frames, engines, and machinery parts. It can affect aluminum in concentrated amounts. It is Phosphate free and can be used with hot water and cold water pressure washers. This is an commercial cleaning product and should be used only by those who have been instructed in its application process.   Quantities:  5 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 55 Gallon, and Tote Tanks   Dilutions may vary with different cleaning tasks Try the general dilutions first then straighten as needed. We always recommend using a test spot on a hidden surface first prior to proceeding.
Dilution Chart General Cleaning Heavy cleaning
Painted aluminum 30:1 5:1
Stone 40:1 10:1
Concrete 20:1 4:1
Stucco 30:1 16:1
Brick 20:1 4:1
Asphalt 20:1 4:1
Roofing 20:1 5:1
FRP Board 20:1 5:1
Treated wood 20:1 5:1
Ceramic Tile 30:1 5:1
Porcelain 30:1 5:1
Chrome 20:1 5:1
Steel 20:1 5:1
Stainless Steel 20:1 5:1
Plastic 50:1 8:1
Fiber Glass 30:1 5:1
Canvas 30:1 5:1
Carpet 70:1 32:1
Vinyl 50:1 5:1
Rubber 20:1 5:1
Quality Painted Surfaces 50:1 5:1

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