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High Pressure Washer Trigger Guns and more


Pressure Washer Trigger Guns (T/G)


This catalog offers many Trigger Guns, Rebuild Kits, Open Wand Handles, Dump Guns, and more for your selection to fit your purpose.

Powerwash Solutions offers Trigger Guns for High Pressure and Low Pressure Washing in a wide variety of styles to best fit your application.  This includes truck and car washing, cleaning vertical and overhead surfaces. Some of the Trigger Guns we offer resist corrosion and are ideal for use when washing with harsh chemicals. Other guns have a relaxed grip and an easy pull trigger for  comfort during long term use. Depending on the specs of your Pressure Washer, we offer a number of Trigger Guns that range from 8 GPM to 32 GPM and 1950 PSI to 8700 PSI.
The styles options available for purchase shown in the catalog are:
  • Standard Trigger Gun is Ideal for most applications. Best for car, truck, and fleet washing.
  • Front Entry Style Trigger Gun keeps the water flow and hose further away from the user.
  • Easy Pull or Relaxed Grip Trigger Guns are available for comfort with extended use.
  • Inline Trigger Gun are Designed for easily handing when washing overhead surfaces.
  • Open Gun Handle Trigger Guns are recommended for manual start pressure washers or when an unloader in unavailable in your system.
  • Dump Trigger Gun is designed to avoid pressure spikes and high pressure re-circulation. Can be used on equipment without an unloader system, preventing overheating the pump which may result in system failure. Often used at car washes for weep application during winter
  • Compensating Trigger Gun helps reduce operator hand fatigue through pressure changes. It has a large hand grip for ease of handling with work gloves
  • Stainless Steel and Ceramic Seal Trigger Guns are best for use where corrosion or Chemical were may be an issue.

If you have a preference in manufacturers we have it covered; our selection of Trigger Guns available from different manufactures includes:

  • Mecline
  • Giant
  • MTM Hydro
  • General Pump
  • XTreme
  • Suttner
  • Spraying Systems CO
  • JE Adams
Feel free to review our PDF Catalog and the special price listing offered by Powerwash Solutions of Western PA LLC. Please use the link below to view our selections and price list. To place your order you may use the Website Order Form or you can print out our Printable Order Form and fax it to us.

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