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Quick Connects


Replacement Quick Connect Couplings


Quick Connects (Q/C) are time savers.  They are invaluable for ease in connecting your hose to your pressure washer, trigger gun, as well as quickly attaching your nozzle to your wand....

The Advantages of using Q/C's

There are advantages of using the quick connects on your pressure washer hoses, trigger guns, and wands. Removing the trigger gun and wand from your hose using a Q/C allows easy wrapping of your hose, and avoids dragging your wand and wearing it out. Using a Q/C to remove your hose from the pressure washer allows it to be easily moved without hindrance. Q/C's make it much to add extra lengths of hose to your pressure washer when needed.  The 1/4" Q/C allows for easier nozzle changes for variation in spray fans and changing worn out nozzles quickly.

Description of Terms for Q/C's

When selecting your Quick Connects please note the reference of "F" (Female). This would refer to the Coupling side commonly call a Socket.  The abbreviation "M" (Male) is referring to the coupling side of the fitting commonly called a Plug.

There is a threaded side of each Quick Connect Socket (female) and Quick Connect Plug (male). When referring to the threaded portion of the connection, the Quick Connect fitting notations are MPT (Male Pipe Thread) and FPT (Female Pipe Thread).

When you are selecting your fittings, keep the abbreviations in mind so that you order exactly what you need the first time.  Errors are commonly made when orders are placed. Your order will be carefully reviewed before shipping and we will do our best to see that you receive the proper fitting that you require.

The Q/C couplings and pipe thread portion of the fitting both are available in: 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" sizes and have a temperature rating of 250°F.  You can choose from Brass, Stainless Steel (SS) or Zinc Plated Steel materials.

The brass socket and stainless steel plug are often purchased together. The most durable combination would be a stainless steel socket and stainless steel plug and are best when harsh chemicals are used. Zinc coated steel Plugs are a good economical choice.  Brass Plugs are best for lower pressure applications.

If you have a preference in manufacturers we have it covered; our selection of Quick Connects available from different manufactures includes:

  • Parker
  • General Pump
  • Foster
  • Eaton

Prices vary throughout the year of the Eaton (Hansen) Q/C. When you submit your selection, we will reply with current pricing prior to finalizing your order.

Feel free to review our PDF Catalog and the special price listings offered by Powerwash Solutions of Western PA LLC. Please use the link below to view our selections and price list. To place your order you may use the Website Order Form or you can print out our Printable Order Form and fax it to us.

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