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Wands and Lances for Pressure Washing


Pressure Washing Wands and Lances


Pressure Washer Wands and Lances for hot and cold pressure washing are offered in a variety of styles and lengths: Pre-assembled, Insulated Wands, Non-Insulated Wands, Dual Lance Wands, Flex Wands, Fiberglass Telescoping Wands, Gutter Cleaner attachments for Wands. Other Accessories are available from Powerwash Solutions of Western PA. Please Review the various types of Wands and sizes below.
  • Non-Insulated Lances for add on extensions or for special needs, Used for cold water pressure washers.
    • 4000 to 6000 PSI, in 12" to 48" lengths
  • Vented Grip Works well with hot water pressure washers.
    • 4000 to 5000 PSI, in 27.5" to 79" lengths
  • Molded Grip protects the user from the constant heat or cold from the water flowing through. Used for hot water pressure washing.
    • 4000 to 5000 PSI, in 12" to 79" lengths
  • Dual Lances prevents splash back or used to activate a downstream system for soap application. Two lances provide more power.
    • 4100 to 5800 PSI, in 38" to 48" lengths
  • Flex Wands enable you to easily spray at an angle into wheel wells or tight areas.
    • 2500 to 5000 PSI, in 13" to 24" lengths
  • Gutter Cleaner washes out your gutters safely from the ground. Specifically designed for cleaning your gutters.
    • 4000 PSI
  • Giraffe Telescoping Wand avoids the use of scaffolding and allows high pressure to directly impact the surface. Wand Belts and Gutter Cleaner attachments are available.
    • Maximum 4000 PSI, in 12' to 24' lengths
  • Push and Pull Lances bend the wand end allowing the spray to be angled to impact the surface directly.
    • 3050 PSI, in 34" length
  • Pre-Assembled Wands includes trigger gun and fittings.
    • 4000 & 5650 PSI, 36" and 42" lengths

If you have a preference in manufacturers we have it covered; our selection of Wands and Lances available from different manufacturers includes:

  • Extreme
  • General Pump
  • Spray-Flex
  • Suttner
Feel free to review our PDF Catalog and the special price listing offered by Powerwash Solutions of Western PA LLC. Please use the link below to view our selections and price list. To place your order you may use the Website Order Form or you can print out our Printable Order Form and fax it to us.

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