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Val6 Heaters


  • Reduced Fuel costs - Val6 heats up to three times the area compared to conventional space heaters using only 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of fuel (BTU) than conventional heaters.
  • Val6's infrared heat creates a comfortable environment; emit NO smell or smoke while operating, has low noise levels, and virtually undetectable CO2 (Carbon Monoxide) emissions.
  • Humidity, Misty Rain Conditions, High Winds or Wind Chill Factor, Do NOT effect the Val6 heat Transfer unlike forced air heaters
  • Val6 are built to operate at a 98% fuel efficiency
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  • Model



    Tank Capacity

    Fuel Consumption

    EPX High 140,000 Low 100,000 115 volt 60 Hz 1 Phase 15.4 Gallons High 1.02 gph Low 0.75 gph
    KBE5S 111,000 115 volt 60 Hz 1 Phase 9.0 Gallons 0.85 gph
    KBE5L High 118,000 Low 100,000 115 volt 60 Hz 1 Phase 15.1 Gallons High 0.90 gph Low 0.75 gph
    MPX5 High 62,500 Low 55,500 115 volt 60 Hz 1 Phase 6.6 Gallons

    High 0.48 gph

    Low 0.42 gph

    DayStar 53,100 115 volt 60 Hz 1 Phase 2.6 Gallons 0.40 gph
    HotGun HG125NA Air Flow Unit 116,00 115 volt 60 Hz 1 Phase 14.3 Gallons

    0.90 gph

    636 cfm air flow

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