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Aluminum Brightener, 208 Dyna Brite, by KO Mfg.


KO's Dyna Brite™ Formula 208 A high-foaming economical combination aluminum cleaner and brightener. Uses range from industrial applications to low pressure presoaking.  

Dyna Brite™ is a fast-acting cleaner designed to chemically brighten aluminum and other soft metals. It penetrates quickly to remove oxide and carbon from aluminum bodies and parts and rinses easily leaving parts looking bright.




Excellent wetting ability.

Highly efficient, fast acting cleaner and aluminum brightener.

Quickly removes oxide and carbon.  


For general aluminum brightening, dilute 1 part Dyna Brite™ with 30 parts cool water (do not use hot water).

Apply to surface at low pressure (to decrease airborne atomization) starting from the bottom and working upwards.

Let chemical penetrate soils for 1-2 minutes.  Rinse with fresh water.  Repeat if necessary

  208 Tech. Sheet  

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